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The holy grail of BMW barn finds? Here's one of the first 1935 R17's produced as found nearly 30 years ago.

Hoske brakes, with 4.5cm shoe, ie much wider than plunger fullhub or even /2 brake shoes

Another shot of the Hoske brake which will bring the owners fantastic ISDT R68 replica to a stop.

Another fine R68 owned by a long time collector.

Another terrific R68 with replica ISDT exhuast and . The incredible ISDT exhuast systems are produced by Hans Keckeisen and are availalble through BMW Classic.

Here's an all original R11.

This BMW roundel stamp was sold on Ebay. This is a dream for those interested in restamping motor numbers.

This Hella spotlight mirror was offered with very rare red and blue police lenses.

NOS Ebay result.

Bosch/Eiseman RKLE- 90 pole mounted bluelight, Elektror FS00 6 volt siren and “Halt Polilzei!” hand sign

A close up of the VDO oil temp gauge. Notice the Notice the thermo coupler in the background.

This photo was sent in by a website visitor. The unique face differs from any of the motorcycle versions which could be a 50's VDO bicycle clock.

The R50S header is unique from all other BMW twins. The finned nut was installed prior to swedging the end of the header pipe. To rechrome the header, the nut must come off which means the pipe has to be cut. This is one of the more interesting challenges encountered when restoring an R50S... or one could take the simpler route and buy reproductions which are available from Bench Mark Works.

There were two styles of damper adjustment knob on the earles machines. The shallow shouldered version (left) is the earlier style which was replaced by the deeper shouldered version (right) sometime in the early 60's. Strangely enough, the overall length of the two is the same. The chrome “head cap” which sat below the knob had a spacer to make up the shorter shoulder length on the earlier style. The early knob is from my 1962 R50S and the version on the right is a stainless reproduction.