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Welcome to earlesfork.com, a website devoted to the preservation and restoration of antique and vintage BMW motorcycles. My name is James Young and I've been riding motorcycles for over 30 years. Many bikes came and went until I purchased my first Beemer, a 1966 R69S. I really don't know how or why I became interested in these old black bikes, but once the bug bit, I became obsessed with the pre 1970 models. Being a rider first and foremost, I also owned a couple modern marvels, a K1200RS and R1150GS. Those were phenomenal bikes for touring the Western US and Canadian Rockies, but I've since sold them to focus on vintage machines.

Unfortunately, I am not able to attend many rallies or shows since the events are usually too distant from my neck of the woods. So, I constructed this website as a place to share my passion with other enthusiasts. The 'collection' link includes photos of some of my personal machines. The 'gallery' pages feature random images and information from my experiences as well as many contributions from other collectors and enthusiasts. The 'media' page features hi-quality scans of original literature, manuals and other print media of the era.

Vintage BMW's are simply a passionate hobby and I'm not a source for motorcycles, parts or restoration services. Occasionally, spare parts and accessories will be listed on the 'barter' page. If you are searching for something specific, make sure to check out the 'links' page. There, you will find quality resources for everything from parts to painters. I'm always adding to the site, so make sure to visit often. Thank you for visiting earlesfork.com!